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NEW! AMMO of Mig Jimenez 5213 The Weathering Aircraft Issue 13 - K.O. (English)

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FabricanteAMMO of Mig Jimenez
Código do produtoAMM-5213
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The Weathering Aircraft, your favourite publication focused on the techniques of painting and weathering aircraft is proud to follow up with our thirteenth issue.


    On this occasion, we will focus on the essential assembly steps required to depict crashed or abandoned aircraft. We show a full range of different techniques and materials, from the most commonly used and most effective to some household items that you can take advantage of for most projects. In this practical issue you will learn how to modify a kit to represent damage to both the airframe and other parts and components that must be altered separately.


    Of course, throughout the painting processes we will see how to simulate the weathering effects caused by the crash landing or the passage of time unique to era and scenario. This means that the building materials of the various machines shown and the weathering effects they are subjected to are each unique, even some even come from a galaxy far, far away. For this issue, we gathered teaching tools and inspiration from some best modellers around, each has contributing their unique style to help you to enjoy beautiful and accurate K.O. subjects even more.

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